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I recently came into Images Dental center to have some cosmetic repair done to my teeth. I was very impressed with the extreme care and service from the moment I walked in. I saw Dr Shulakewych and he recommended getting 10 veneers for the look I wanted. I was surprised at how easy and painless the whole experience was. The job Dr Shulakewych did far outweighed my expectations!

My smile is absolutely perfect! I highly recommend Dr. Shulakewych as a dentist as well as getting veneers done.

Veneers completely creates the perfect white smile you have always dreamed of having! I get loads of compliments on my teeth, thanks to Dr Shulakewych's amazing work!

With Sincere Gratitude, Tricia Renee

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Thank you so much for outstanding work that you did for me. Your gentle touch and skillful dentistry is a credit to your profession. I appreciate your concern for my comfort throughout the process and for thoughtful dental personnel, their work were outstanding. Having you do the work, proved to be an outstanding choice and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a competent, caring dentist.

Thanks again, Enjoy the weekend, M.D.

Many thanks to Dr. Shulakewych and the Staff at Images Dental Centre for their dedication in taking care of all my dental needs.

The recent work I have had done is totally awesome. Very pleased with the results!

I have never been happier than I am now with the condition and look of my teeth. Superior Professional Work and Great Customer Service!

I would recommend Images Dental Centre to everyone I know, S.B.

I had my TAP mouth appliance made for me over a year ago as I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was no longer using a CPAP machine because it was horrible to wear at night. When I read about the TAP appliance, I talked to Dr. Z (AKA Dr. Shulakewych) about it. I finally decided to take a chance and go with it. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy I was able to adjust to wearing it. If you have worn a night guard, it helps. I had to go in for a few minor adjustments but have been wearing it every night since I purchased it. I find I am so used to wearing it, that when I don't wear it, I can tell my sleep isn't as good. My breathing is better and I don't snore. It is excellent for "snoring" and I can honestly say I personally recommend the TAP appliance for anyone with sleep apnea or with a snoring problem.


Does your dentist personally call you the next day after virtually pain free service? Heated and massage chair? Mine Does!

Sincerely, Shawn

Hello, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the amazing experience I have had at Images Dental. My teeth problems feel so overwhelming, and yet over the last few weeks I have been able to see a little light at the end of the (very long) tunnel. Leanne is so understanding and compassionate and I have appreciated her wonderful help as she walked me through quotes, procedures & answered my many questions in the last few weeks. I cannot say enough about her kind & knowledgeable advice and I really REALLY appreciated all of her help. Next, to Dr.Shulakewych: I am SO thankful that I was able to get connected to your office and experience your services. The IV Sedation service you offer was such a relief and I am SO happy with how everything turned out. Thank-you for all your work this far, I really appreciate your help with my dental problems!! Blessings to you for using your wisdom & skills to help others in need.

Sincerely, Amber

I came to Images Dental Centre to inquire about a snoring appliance. I am a heavy snorer and my girlfriend has had issues sleeping in the same room due to my snoring. Dr.Shulakewych was very helpful in discussing all the options, and even recommended additional testing to rule out more serious conditions. Once we decided that the TAP appliance was the best option for me, he provided excellent service and plenty of follow up appointments to ensure the appliance was working properly. My girlfriend has no more issues sleeping since my snoring is non-existent. I am grateful to Dr. Shulakewych and Images Dental Centre for helping with my snoring condition and helping my girlfriend and I enjoy a good night's rest.

D.L. From Winnipeg

He is the BEST Dentist. Very compassionate, listened to my needs and made me feel like he was listening. I would defnitely recommend him to anyone.

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I just wanted to thank the team for without question the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr.Z and his staff treated me first class from the moment I walked in and his thorough explanations relieved any anxiety or nerves I may have had. The bonus absolutely zero pain, the procedure was smooth and quick... I realize not everyone's dental experiences may be as good and you probably don't get enough recognition but i just wanted to say thanks.


I had been suffering with debilitating discomfort from canker sores for the last several years. At times I was even unable to eat, drink or speak without excruciating pain. When I heard an ad on the radio for laser treatment of canker sores at Images Dental Centre, I called and booked the appointment immediately. The staff were incredibly helpful and informative and took the time to explain the procedure in detail to me and to describe the results I could expect to achieve. They were also very accommodating in helping me select a date and time that worked best for me to come down. Dr. Zdan Shulakewych, having an excellent bedside manner, is very caring and professional. He patiently walked me through the process before we began, and even touched base with me a few days later to ensure that I was doing well. I have undergone three treatments, so far and I am presently canker sore free. I am optimistic that the pain and discomfort is behind me! Thank you to everyone at Images Dental Centre for your kindness and professionalism. You have changed my life. I will be happy to recommend your facility to everyone and anyone; especially those suffering from the pain of canker sores.

Winnipeg Review

I would like to take the time to let you know how satisfied I was and am of the professional courtesy, the way the staff and Doctors make you so comfortable when you are there for dental work. I would really like to single out Heather and Soraya at the front desk for their genuine courtesy and for making me feel like I was family. I would especially like to mention Rebecca for her always entertaining conversation and genuine human appeal. It is a real pleasure to have such an assistant who knows how to make a person relax and always keeping up an interesting conversation and for being so professional in her attitude and work at explaining how and why and then showing the work that was done. And finally to Dr. Zdan Shulakewych for his easy going manner at explaining what he is doing all the while completing hs work, and for continually asking how I was doing while he worked. And then following up the next day asking how I am feeling and how the work feels that he completed. Very, Very professional. I really feel like a member of the family of Images with the genuine care that I receive each and every time that I visit. Again congratulations to the above mentioned staff and doctor. From a very, very satistfied customer. Thank you again.


I haven't been to the dentist in 6 years because of bad experience and I finally gave in to see a new dentist. I picked Dr Shulakewych because of his ratings and they're right. I have 2 sets of cavities between teeth on opposite sides of my mouth. He did work on one side and book another appointment for the other so my whole face wouldn't hurt and be frozen. He was as gentle as he could be and I hate needles so he walked me through the freezing. The next day he personally called to ask how I was feeling and make sure if anything was wrong I call and go in. I have mainly changed my mind on dentist now. As well there have a very friendly staff and they try to learn you by name and face so when you walk in they know who you are.

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Like the Ritz of dental clinics, images dental was the most comfortable visit to the dentists that I've ever had. In the waiting area, they offered me coffee and juice, there was a large television which I could browse whichever channel and an Xbox 360 to keep the kids busy. The waiting was so short, I didn't even need the entertainment. I was in the dentist chair where I was surprised to see a television on the ceiling. I watched "the price is right" while the dentist worked. I'm not sure if the prices were higher then others, but if your like me and on a dental plan, I would highly recommend Images Dental Centre.


Awesome! I tell everyone about Dr. S. Absolute pain free dentistry. Always follows up with a phone call. And the most amazing thing is that he has advised against more expensive procedures and recommended cheaper and more beneficial alternatives. I lived a lifetime in fear of dentists. No more! All of the staff are unbelievable friendly and have great memories about every detail you have given them in the past. If there was a higher rating I would give it. He is now our family dentist for as long as he is practising.

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The best dentist I have ever had. After a difficult wisdom tooth extraction, he was kind enough to call me at home the same evening to check up on me. He also made time for me on a Saturday when I needed to have a dry socket issue checked out. Always pleasant and attentive. Very good! Would highly recommend.

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A recommended dentist! Have been a patient for 3 years now, with no complaints. On time, great advice, pleasant/friendly demeanor. Remembers the little details and always follows up treatment with a personal phone call.

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I lovvvvvvve Dr Shulakewych I have been a patient of his for 5 years now. No word to describe this Dr. He is FANTASTIC!!!!!! SL

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