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Sure It's Annoying But Can Snoring Make Me Sick?

Snoring is usually caused by restricted airflow at the back of the throat. When the soft tissues close up and air is forced past them, the soft tissues vibrate loudly causing snoring.

Sleep apnea is where the airflow is so restricted the throat completely closes and breathing is stopped. This triggers a choking reflex to try to clear the air way, disrupting sleep. Many times the sleeper won't even realize it happened. All they know is that they wake up very tired or fatigued.

The human body needs sleep, especially REM sleep, for optimum health. If Sleep Apnea disturbs someone every night, it can cause serious health problems in the long run. Also, when people aren't well rested, their more prone to errors and accidents which can have an impact on driving and workplace safety.

We offer special devices that can help. They can hold the jaw in place and prevent the lower jaw and tongue from falling back and narrowing the airway when you sleep. Make sure you contact us and learn more!

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